Saturday, October 25, 2014

GCRC - Super Saturday Skyline Sensational Session

Sklines in their element!

There wasn't too much single running.

A warm up lap right on target.

A crisp image. Sometimes the images are blurry.  But sometimes I find a nice sharp edge with a super low shutter speed.

The machines were looking good.

But the action was insane! This intensity is what I love.

Massive angle, 

Fast transitions, 

For Maximum Attack Style with respect.

We have opened this section of the long track at GCRC to create a short track option, What it has made is a super intense battle zone. No time to relax here.

When I wasn't on the camera, there was a lot of Skyline sandwich action happening. Under / Over respectful opportunistic overtaking and line position changes. But the result was some awesome exciting drift.

A fantastic session!

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