Sunday, October 26, 2014

RX-pression Session

When it comes to a modern incarnation of the RX3, wild is definitely on the agenda.

The early RX has a definite cult following.

And the ABC hobby version with the ultra wide fender set and chisel spoiler certainly matches the wild option.

Some noce details on the Savanna.

 Maybe the muffler needs some black out.

But in motion or in the static locations, this long awaited machine hits the spot.


NFS livery is always striking. I could see this one ripping it up with the Uk based NFS AE86 for Sure.

One that would make the guys at Hayward Rotary proud.

ichi- ni- san ---- switch.

Enter the battle zone.

NFS double... I'm sure hayward rotary know a thing or two about RB26 also.

Need for speed livery suits many machines.

But today was the debut for the RX so it gets the focus for sure.

There's no denying that similar period cars look impressive together.

in two's or threes.

 GCRC short course action allowing everyone to get together.

Over the next few weeks the ol' school theme will be in swing.

I know a couple of other late 60's early 70's machines in the build.

Under the Rx3 is a TA-05 with Eagle conversion. that works very well. CS 3.0+ shows the wheel rotation as it should.

I was using the Asamoto FD which was battling all day.
Unfortunately I had a camera on the Fd but I only managed to save one video... it's a mystery?

Until next time...

have fun!

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