Friday, October 10, 2014

The FXX Rat


A closer look at the monster FXX.

This thing is soo different to any other RC Drifter on track. It grabs your attention.

Monster blower is insane but fits perfectly with the feel of the car. 

Even if you catch a glimpse it's still cool.

Another cool machine is the truck behind, Together, they make quite the pair.

This is about the only car that I think the skinny front 20mm tyres suits. 

 Because in reality they are skinny too.

Imagery of the beast is memorable.

I think there may be a few more of these plugged together around the world.

Style is certainly on.

 Making the thin body fit has required a few holes. For battery and front shocks.Motor clearance.etc.

But it works well and goes un-noticed.

 Up close, she's rough. Just as it should be.

 Thumbs up always!

One for the memoirs.

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