Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Time for some action.  Mr. Frener calling the shots.

 Ken Mary and the Missile reverse direction for a few laps.

This kind of image only gets a small amount of the car in focus, but it looks awesome.

While we tried to find a line around the reverse direction. eventually the cars came together.

Whether by luck or good planning, we managed to generate moments of beauty.

The front splitter isn't really the issue. It's the out clips where I spend 90% of the time. So the wing hanging over the fence is where I want to be. 

 Hooking in.

Hooking around.

or hooking past. The Missile is looking tough. the Drift Master Chassis plate is very thick graphite. That makes suspension tuning the priority. 

With a 4000mah battery i managed to find a nice balance. But the 3300mah battery will require additional ballast to bring balance into the chassis.

Next test will be larger wing end plates and differnt camber setup.

But it's already operating well.

Lead wheel definitely pointing in the right direction.

Change of direction needs a bit of tweaking.

Awesome battles continued all night.

Everyone looking awesome.

Thanks for the fun, the intense battles and the shots everyone.

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