Friday, October 3, 2014


Finally got the Shaft Drive Drift Package Drift Master on track.

CS 3.4 from the shaft drive machine is about the maximum possible without major component change.

 I think you will agree that this amount of CONSTANT lock through the corner is only possible with a large amount of CS.

The chassis can hold this kind of angle all day.

If you try this using a stock Drift package the front wheels will be straight 90% of the time. Bine are at 45 degrees when ever I have the car hanging out.

High Speed looks awesome.

low speed equally so.

Big thanks to my photographer. 

These images of the 2000GT look amazing, but it's the chassis that makes these images possible. Being able to place the car where it needs to be is the key.

I'm going to enjoy this shaft drive machine.

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  1. the body is looking real good.super unique choice too. i have a question for ya. right now im using a 13.5 t motor with a 19 tooth pinion and an 68 t spur(its what i had lying around haha). my acceleration is good but im trying to have a longer range of rpms. im thinking i should use a spur gear with more teeth but im not sure. Any advice would be awseome


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