Friday, October 3, 2014


GCRC Battles are getting better and better. With real depth in the driving talent.

This is a pretty common sight.

Two Up

Three Up

I'm still setting up the Drift Master, But it's already fun on it's first drive. Still able to mix it up.

With anoyone and everyone.

heading into the new sweeper section is awesome.

You can experience some high speed running at good angle. 

Slashing onto the previous straight section.

 Before chucking it in deep

for some rear entry craziness.

If you get it all right, it looks awesome because the corner turns in onself more and more.

It was an awesome night for playing.

One afternoon I'll tune the Drift Master, but tonight, I just drove around most of the small setup inconsistencies.

It was great to battle,

On the handbrake here.

This truck keeps getting cooler. Nice wooden rear tray cover is very nice.

Chasing this thing is fun.

If you come down to GCRC and want the wild line through the fast sweeper. It's best to have an aggressive flick through the outer side of the track. 

Being on this line helps you open up the straight so you can get the "oohs and ahhhs"

 Thanks for a great night.

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