Tuesday, October 21, 2014

RWB Projects. Gemini Projects. Overdosed!

The RWB is back on track, but as usual, it's just one of many underway.

lights enhanged, wing enhanced, interior refit, Side skirts trimmed, body line repair. good to go, but as yet, not for battle.

 My German Racers Paradise Opel Kadett aka Holden Gemini has arrived and is already unwrapped and trimmed.

The details are good, but I'll need to make some Holden items. Remembering this was my first real car, I'll try to do it justice.

Scale is large, but will suit running with friends old school bodies like the KE20 corollas and rally inspired Escorts. 

to make sure they both don't end up in the wall, I have some hard to find newish steering componentry for my red DRB. OD to the rescue.


  1. I've been looking for the red overdose drb steering rack forever... any chance you could share where I might score one for my project?

    1. Just have to be lucky on the auctions. Sometimes there's stuff you need, but very rare to find these around now.

  2. Nice, you ended up winning the auction :D


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