Sunday, October 5, 2014


An the hunt for a battle, You don't have to look far at GCRC.

With a lot of regulars at GCRC, the skill level keeps going up and up.

Battles get closer and closer, 

These 3 especially were showing some nice lines.

Tamiya TA-05, FXX and R3R 275 a big mixed bag,

But the imagery and angles were awesome.

Whether High CS or Rear Wheel Drive, some of the cars are set up well and they are looking the same.

This shot is super cool!

When I see my old Mark X on track. I still can't decide which side I like better.

The blue side ...?

or the red side... ?? Still love the F1 Rear Diffuser on the back.

 FXX rolling around.

Many trains formed around the track.  Some spaced tightly, some more open.

Pulling through the sweeper.

Other side of the track, things continue. 

Next lap it all tightens up.

 Next target.

Next Target,

Battle Central.

GCRC - Gold Coast RC Raceway.

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