Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GCRC Midweek Madness - Part II

Whether its a driver or a camera man, I can't drive and take photos. On this occasion I got to do some sliding.

 Sliding is always fun. I like to sit beside the track a lot so I can see the details up close. A good zoom does the same for me.

The FD1 is looking awesome. It gets a lot of great comments.

 Full slide through the sweeper, the image with the new MST black chrome +11 Kairos wheels is on FIRE!

Huge thanks to the camera man.

Love it when the 45 degree plus angle is on.

Love this shot!

The Yokomo DIB TypeII A-Arm setup for the DIB that I run on this DRB is not bad. But I still need some low scrub knuckles to stop the wheels dissappearing under the body.

Everyone ATTACK!

 Lots of this!

and this. in front and behind.

Check the videos on my Facebook->> for more.

Loving the track imagery.

especially hanging it out on the wall.

 With the wing hanging over. That's sticking it to the wall.


  1. i see you do alot of custom decals. im wondering if i could buy some custom ones from you?

    1. Hi Darius.
      Unfortunately I don't have a decent means of printing at the moment. ie. not happy with the results.
      I can only supply Sizable Vector Graphics. if you can print/cut for yourself. But it still works out quite expensive.


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