Wednesday, October 22, 2014

RWB. Delicate Battle.

RWB993 - G-Force Kyu @ GCRC Raceway. Kakko ii!

Nakai-san's RWB Rauh Welt Begriff  or Rough World Porsches have inspired many.  

Something about super low, super wide and super fast all have something to do with it.

 I created this machine as one of 2 for some friends a while back at the peak of RWB influence.

I was running a RWB inspired FD3s RX7 at the time.

This was the third of my RWB inspired creations and was ultimately the best.

What I created is a machine that is 180mm at the front and 225mm at the rear on a 257mm wheelbase.
getting the extra 7mm of wheelbase was a definite challenge.

The rear +9 Work Miester wheels sit on an 8.5mm hub with a further 2mm spacer. So effectively the rear offset is +16.5mm. But the ultimate choice of +12 5 Spoke rims equates to +19.5mm to fill the rear.

Because of the massive flared fenders and curvaceous style of the 993, the actiual width is not as noticible. This RX7 is still only 200mm but the imagery looks much wider than the Porsche. 

The front is a differnt story. the Front rims are +9 on a 3mm hub. so effectively only +8 and tuck nicely. the rx7 on the other hand runs +11 on a 4mm hub. It's this difference in widths that make the porsche an interesting image on track.

There were a few delicate battles as I decided whether I'd use the Porsche to it's full potential or just try not to crash.

I don't know which one was in granny mode.

But with a change to wider rims and gave it some more power, It was on!

The DRB 2.2 was the perfect base for the RWB.

I took some pretty slow exposure shots, but this machine needs to be seen for your own eyes.

The camera won't really capture how cool it is.

If you get the right angle... It looks amazing.

I named this G-Force 9 for many reasons but as Nakai-san also does, maybe the true reasons are best kept secret.

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