Saturday, October 11, 2014

Test S-Session

Challenge thy self, they say!

Finally had a chance to get the RWD setup ... kind of.

White machine is CS 5.0:1 Red machine is Imadoki Drift Package rear wheel drive only.

I really have to say, I dislike the whole RWD experience. Electronic aids, miniscule setting changes that effect driving dynamics and the struggle for smooth.

So I again put the RWD back in the box disgusted with it's behavior.

The 5.0 in itself is not easy to drive, but at least when I turn the steering wheel and punch the throttle I get some kind of realistic driving experience.

I started to set up my rear drive drift package about 2 years ago.

but I think theres about 2 more years until it runs properly.


  1. I dont know why people are obsessed with rwd.high cs as you said looks and feels fantastic and realistic as it can be.i run my d3 at 2.31 and my driveshafts reach their limit every turn.what else do they want?
    People are also forgetting this is a hobby and we have reached a very exciting feel of realism anf drifting experience
    these last years.there is only one video that i admire his skills-JACK-STYLE RWD but dont forget he also uses a gyro

    1. My 5.0 is just a fun test machine. It achieves a different balance to 2.31. I use around 3.0 mainly. Some one gave me a pulley combo, so why not. I still don't enjoy the gyro driving experience. Although the imagery can potentially be better with normal size tyres, they need to be setup 100% correct for that to occur. Slowly we will get there. Hobby... Sport. Sometimes theres a fine line.


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