Sunday, October 19, 2014

RC Wonderland Slide-By Session.

RC Wonderland Sydney Australia.

I took two interesting machines to Sydney for this little visit that I added to my WTAC2014 schedule.

The RWD imadoki with Sound Card under the S14 and the DRb 5.0 CS under the 180sx. 

This Dai-style S13 was looking cool.

It was a good chance to meet some great people. Dave from Avoca RC Drift Shed made the trip up from Goulburn

And the MST + Pandora S15 was looking pretty good.

Dagul RC runs an Overdose Drift Package under this Mark II

This machine is a full tune drift package with sound card. so the S14 and the Evo were looking and sounding great.

The Diorama Setting at RCW is pretty cool also. Lots of small details on track...

Or in the Garages.

This car wash is an interesting touch.

I tried shooting through the car wash, but the result was less than perfect.

The two Origin Labo Pandora RC machines looked damn cool side by side.

And all kinds of details make the images a reality.

RC Wonderland is a small circuit with painted concrete.

 It's about 1/4 the size of my local GCRC but you don't really need the massive speed to look cool.

One direction is a bit faster than the other with tighter corners omitted.

As tyres pick up a bit of paint the grip changes, but if you tune for paint then you are ok.

Getting the RWD cars out to the extremities of the circuit takes a bit of aggression, so a tighter line is the norm. My RWD was much easier to drive with the grip on offer at RC-Wonderland, so if you like that style, it's an easy setup.

Under the covered crawler section, the cars slide into the dark, so I guess that's a nice end to this post.

If you are in Sydney, make sure you check out RC-Wonderland and the friendly guys at APEX hobbies.

A great session.

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