Monday, October 6, 2014


I've had this missile for a while. It gets into all sorts of trouble.

I remember the first time I used these Mikuni red chrome rims on the car, they only just sat on the rear guards. The result was scuffed lip. then after a few battles and the odd wheel clash, the raised spokes were scratched.

Luckily the matt silver paint underneath is quite strong. So this sharpie is all you need to restore the rims.

Left rim is the one in the previous picture. I also used a larger pen to mark the inside of the rim also for more depth.

While the missile's body is thrashed, scratched, cracked, scuffed, bent, chewed, with paint lifting off in places, at least the wheels look awesome. 

So with that project out of the way, I mounted it onto the DRB and noticed the front was actually not good. the lower lip spoiler is nearly broken off completely and the paint is nearly lifted off completely in places as well.

I noticed a similar effect on the PAN Speed FC. I restored the front splitter on this one which seemed to absorb a lot of impact over time.  So I set about restoring/repairing  the FD with a similar installation and some things to try.

While the final shape of the splitter is yet to be cut, I have trimmed the front front and rear fenders for a better look.

I also found the spare option bumper I had from the original Pandora RC body shell, so I bent that to match up to the fenders and roughly gooed the splitter and new end plates into position.

Not pretty but pretty menacing.

So as the level of D1 cars increases, So the test mule missile must keep up. now that the walls at GCRC are a bit lower, I want to try a few different wing settings to compensate for the higher speeds.

Then I will apply that to the 5.0. Deciding what front low scrub KPI knuckles to run on this machine at the moment. Depending on the option, that all means new CVDs and other stuff... hmmm, I could probably buy a whole new chassis. HAHA.

Started work on "G-Force" Again. trimmed the side skirts more.fixed the rear wing. Still have to re-fit the interior and new lights, but won't be long till this is out for a day's running.


  1. I like that missile, planning to make a similar design on my BRZ cuz my friends dog attacked it and it's unpainted. What paint(s) did u use for the missile?

    1. I used Tamiya Corsa Grey and tamiya matt clear
      I used Spazstix Black. It's Rubbish. That's why the black is falling off and the grey is still there.


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