Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GCRC Mid Week Madness - Part 1

Release the bee-atch! Attack time!

Lot's of competition.

I've been decorating the track with a lot of logo's

Vertex, RC926, Overdose, SpeedHunters, Nismo, Uras, Yokomo, Tamiya, Streeet jam, RC Art, Drift Master, D1 GP, Pandora, Falken, Advan, Volk -  Rays - gram lights, Work, FET, Bride, Tein and whole lot more. they really are making the circuit brighter and more inviting. 

and with action like this, they create a bit more realism

Some of the points take more impact than others. but they are certainly looking cool.

Some awesome battles tonight.

 Tripple, Tandem and

Some awesome chains.

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