Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wheel Stock take and the Gemini.

Wheel choices are ridiculous for me.

Simply too many but never the "right" set

Do I really have a this many?

 Or this many?

Or this many?

And there's still more around the place.

but with a desire for widebody machines and mad offset. I rarely run anything less than +9 Offset

Having just given away a few sets of +3... this is the only set that remain.

So I guess the little Gem will run Enkei NT03... Or I'll just get another set. HAHAHAHAHA!

Update the list.

35 sets aint bad for 3 years of collection. Just don't count the other 50 sets that I have sold or passed on to other enthusiasts.

Then I Remembered... A set of Street Jam Work Meisters with a reversible lip.

+0 spaced to +2 should work very well. I'm going to keep this one narrow.

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