Wednesday, October 8, 2014

FD Missile V3 at Gold Coast RC Raceway.

High Power FD3s debut at Australia's Gold Coast RC Raceway.

Not only have I been redecorating my body-shells recently. I've just finished decorating the GCRC barriers. It's been a long process to cover 200 meters of barriers. But tonight I added the final GCRC Gold Coast RC Raceway logos.

So before the barriers are in the state of disrepait that my fd is, I thought I'd better photograph the contrast.

The FD is now in Version 3 Spec. the Pandora RC original bumper bent into shape nicely to match the speed way pal fenders. A custom splitter attaches nicely. I didn't bother to clean up the excess shoe goo yet.

While the body is not in good condition, It certainly has character. The MST wheels +11 suit this perfectly.

Underneath, there's still a whole heap of adjustment on this chassis to go. It's relatively old school tuning for me as far as the drift master is concerned.

The exposed gearbox and slide rack provide the points of interest. Apart from the chassis plates , shock towers and gearbox bulkheads that define the Drift Master version of the drift package, there's nothing else that is original Drift Master.

CS 3.4 comes from front and rear gearset changes. alloy arms for suspension and adjustable ride from Kazama tops. Slide race steering and most 

But as with any drift package. It's reliable as shaft drive machines can be and it just works. 

With about 150000 other parts available for the drift package, you never know where this will end up. But for now, it's pretty much done.

all thats left is a little tweaking and lots of battles.

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