Saturday, February 25, 2012

Body Mods

Make some stickers...?

I usually start with something like this.

After designing the artwork on PC I print and cut. It works out about 300 yen for an A4 sheet.

But when you can get these faceless stickers for 10 bucks why even bother. I guess one of my FC3s will wear these D-MAC NFS stickers.

This is something you can't stop.

Protecting the front of your pristine body is essential. This is a good solution. $5 well spent.

These will be used on my 280ZX in the build for fender screws. they are tiny!

These will be used on an FC RX-7 build. I didn't pay full price for anything recently. most of these things were about 20% of retail value.

100 yen for this

100 yen for a can

So why not get the one's you use such a small amount of. rear lights.

But these I will use for the Pan speed FC livery!

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