Saturday, February 18, 2012

FC Design phase.

I like the land of "What If?"  It's refreshing. This first design is a PAN Speed Drift FC. If only Asamoto-san was in an FC. One FC will get something like this.

My original sketch led to this awesomeness replicating the design of 415-san. I'll be using a Yokomo Street version with custom front light buckets.

I can't wait to get this one together. Then there will be the wheel choices. hahahah!

The other body I have is a North Craft FC3s with the rear wing and it has RE-Amemiya styling. It's more street style. This Pink Drift Tsunami version might be cool.

I am also thinking of utilizing some designs I've had around for a while at .RSG. This is a variation on my F16 Samurai version for project 13B.

This was .RSG. design for the ultimate attack machine... Yes... I think we have a winner!

Maybe a tribute to the old Super Now FC.

There were more from the process, but these are the only ones I feel worthy of showing..

The other body is a street spec machine that might get a light metallic finish. Blue or Gold.

Follow the process.

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