Friday, February 10, 2012

RE-TA-06 Maintenance and Upgrades

I needed some maintenance from the other day. This is the Eagle Racing rear rigid axle. Notice anything?

I wondered what that slight metallic sound was from the gearbox? It was only evident when I had the TAO set to 40% initial power. These two screws were not where they should be. It seems they had worked loose from slight stresses on the axle. I tightened them up, but I don't know how long they will stay tight. I assume they were loose from the factory. I didn't really check.

One problem solved.

I already installed the front tensioner in the TA-06. I am running a 12T and 39T in the front with the smallest belt available. I have seen a Square gear case conversion which allows a 41T front gear and 12T pinion combo, but not wanting to go too crazy with CS I think this is an elegant solution.

A servo mount is used in the chassis to hold some small bearings.

It's a tight fit, but it doesn't hit anything. I still need the pulley in the front most position, but there is no slip at all. I'm using an eagle front one way, but the Tamiya one is better.

If you are interested in performing this modification. Please credit "RE-Xtreme" for the ingenuity.

Screw position is as shown. It sits perfectly between the front suspension supports. It will not work with stock steering, Overdose steering is awesome.

From the above pictures you may have noticed the hex screws. Oh My God! These are great! I don't know how many superlatives I used for these and curse words I used for the Tamiya screws, when swapping these over.

I now only have the three long gear case screws with plus driver heads. The rest have been replaced with hex. Only 1500 yen, they are much cheaper than the 5500yen blue and titanium items from RC champ and others.

Anyway, I'm ready for the track again.

Stay tuned for the first USA based RE-TA-06 CS OD report. If anyone is CS drifting in Oakland FL, let me know.

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