Monday, February 20, 2012

TA-06 Up Close

Let's Zoom in on the RE-Xtreme TA-06 CS 1.8

 The base is of course the Tamiya TA-06 Pro kit, but there are plenty of extras.

Large 20T pulley and Overdose steering and front anodised parts are main impact items.

The front is where most upgrades happen. Square brand 20T Centre Pulley is mounted with a Square 13T Pulley on a custom TA-06 shaft with Eagle alloy mount. A Squate 171-57T Belt does the drive. You will also notice a Square 11T idler pulley on a square tensioner mount to get the belt taught.

You can see it tucked away nicely. Clearance is close, but no problem. The 20T has to be adjusted for clearance. some plastic being removed from bel-crank and mount.

Here you can see the tensioner from the other side and the extra hole underneath.

It really worked out quite well. 1.8 CS may not have super traction with 8 degree camber, but drift is about looks and style.

RE-Xtreme 1.8 CS pulleys are 16T->20T->13T->39T

The 16T is simply a VDF plastic pulley.

You will notice here that the centre pulleys are a little bit out of alignment. I simply need to get my shims in order to correct this. no worries at all.

Most TA-06 owners have stuck with 1.5 CS 16T->18T->15T->39T for no drama installation and 2~3 degrees of camber for traction.

I could care less about being the fastest. If you want that, I'd just change tyres. For Example ... Active Hobby Carpet Tyres offer huge grip advantages. They grip so much you reaction times are reduced to the point of "Blink and Crash".

The TA-06 can be built without Inboard Front Suspension (IFS) but it's cool to have it. It frees up the front of the car for low touring car bodies like the Super GT NSX. There is no way you could run that on a DRB for example.

OverDose Steering requires a few changes to the suspension also (ps My source tell that some new crank mounts are in the works from Overdose which correct the angle and geometry of the suspension a little.)

I've installed Overdose Spring seats on the suspension also. I'm also running shorter front upper arm turnbuckles to allow for more camber. You may notice they are slightly different blue.

 Springs are currently RC296 ultrasoft up front, but I think i'll be running something a bit harder again soon.

I'm running Kazama Soft in the rear and these might be a good balance for the front also. the TA-06 is well setup so keeping the same springs front and rear is not such a bad idea. BTW, I've since changed these horrendous rear shock towers for a carbon item.

Youve already noticed the hub carriers and hubs are Overdose 8 degree set. I still need to shim these correctly, but they offer a solid platform. You can also see on full lock that the OverDose TA06 steering set also offers more than enough angle. The small blue items on the rear of the A arms allow for clearance.   

Geometry allows for super fast direction changes. I'm using a Sanwa SRG-BL with the mounting plate removed. Beginners might want to keep the plate as it offers some protection for the servo. The Servo is high speed, but this is not the defining factor of CS drift ability. The steering geometry is of utmost importance if you want to have any chance of catching a chassis that has a fast yaw rate.

I hate wires. I wish Sanwa made the servo with the label  the opposite direction. I wish servo savers weren't so crap OTB

And that guy who designed the TA-06 battery compartment needs a salary cut. These Square items are FANTASTIC! Amazing time savers.

I only require the front two locations for secure fit. I'm thinking of some crazy design for the underneath. stay tuned.

But that's all. If you get one of these. They are great for everyone from beginners to experts.

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