Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RE-TA-06 Shakedown

This morning was quite productive. I was able to install the electronics in the TA-06 and change all my connectors over to "Deans" type. By the time I'd finished, it was a little later than I had planned, but I still managed to get to Max One for the first test.

I threw on my trusty old Hpi FD3s and reamed two new holes in the rear and made the front holes bigger for the super fat terrible body posts on the TA-06. Tamiya should really be ashamed of these.

Anyway. The wheel base is a bit off at the rear, but it's basically sound. +9 and +12 Jupiter wheels for this 200mm body size well, and I was away.

For carpet, I made the front a lot softer with some super soft springs and the rear I used the stock springs which gave a little imbalance. 

The car has about 4 degree front camber and 3 degree rear, which needs more at both ends but the turn buckles are nearly maxed out already.

This chassis loves oversteer!

I found myself sliding into corners from a lot further back that my other chassis. Reverse entries also common. What's the reason? Rear engine I imagine. There's a lot of weight back there but without a lot of time to perfect settings, I just wanted to make sure noting fell apart.

Well the pinion gear fell off (Thanks for finding it guys!) and was tightened again.

I noticed a little belt slip on the front so I guess I'll have to devise a tensioner. But actually it's not as bad as I thought.

The CS ratio is good and the car holds it's line very nicely. CS 1.73 but I call it 1.8

I hadn't set up the ESC or anything else yet, so there's a little way to go. But it's now onto concrete as this will be the main usage for this beast.

When I got home, I adjusted the rear wheelbase by a few mm. If you don't know how to do this, read your instructions. These HPI 200mm bodies need +12 for good effect. +9 at the front is good.

So I grabbed two +12 Mars wheels to complete a set.

I love the dish on these. I may make some dish stickers for these.

The result is a bit better filling the guards nicely.

I also did a few mods in another post.

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