Saturday, February 4, 2012

RE-TA-06 Tsunami Spec - Phase 1

Here is the first full chassis images of the Tamiya TA-06 Pro CS 1.8 OD RE-Xtreme Tsunami Spec Drift chassis.

What is Tsunami Spec?

Tsunami is a powerful force that can destroy any competition. Combining the best components from Japan to create something much better than stock.

The chassis features components from ABC Hobby, RC Square, Eagle Racing, Overdose and Keyence to provide a complete package.

Looks like a stock TA-06... think again. CS 1.8 overdrive belt configuration with 8 degree castor and large steering ackerman for ultimate control and cool drift style.

Phase 1 development and test phase is nearing completion.


  1. Hi. Do you have the manual on english for keyence(tao)?


    download it here.

    you do not need the PC

  3. what about the cd? the tao installing cd? and the installing manual? What to do whith them. sorry for my english.

  4. Ah, I understand what you want.

    If you want to update the ESC software and TAO Version Software
    You need this. Update device kit OP-87052 \ 2,940 (\ 2,800 plus tax)
    I don't have it.

    install and use is simple.

    Japanese site has more info

    it has the USB to receiver connector and CD.
    I think the CD is the same download software and a USB driver.
    software updates are here for the Japanese site.
    I'm not sure why they aren't on the English site.

  5. install and use is simple.
    Do you call that simple? It stands on japanese. I have the update kit. But how did you do it? can you show me some video's or somthing? And did you do all widout the pc and the update kit? here is a video of ''me explain what's wrong'' - it's a werry bad camera!

  6. ok

    You just want to update the ESC with new setting from Tao.
    "Link Fail" Message

    I see.

    You don't need the CD

    Connect TAO to ESC with ESC receiver cable
    The ESC has to be ON.
    The ESC has to be in setting mode. (i think turn on and hold button at same time)
    Then Link.

    I will make a small video.


  7. I created a tutorial

  8. Hey,

    I discovered another way too.

    Connect the esc to TAO.

    SELECT preview mode on the ESC.
    you can change settings
    then press SAVE.


  9. Last night I was trying to save my settings to the Tachyon Airia from the TAO. Everything I tried failed. I viewed the RE-Xtreme tutorial on how to do it and it still didn't work. I make sure that I put the ESC into settings mode by holding the button for four seconds until the blue light switches to the red one. Is there anything else I can try? If not my money was wasted on buying the TAO. I'd appreciate any help I could get...

  10. I think you will find that the ARIA DOES NOT connect to TAO

    there will be a Tachyon II released soon.

    Thats why it's cheap.


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