Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tsunami Power @ Max One

Today I cleaned up the FD and brought it back to normality.

Sometimes liveries are nice, but sometimes it's the simple style of something that's already cool to hold back.

My Hpi FD3s has a few mods. There's the Yokomo light buckets and Shimizu canards, Kunny's rear wing but apart from that, it's pretty stock.

The N Model white rims really look good in action.

This 200mm body is pretty wide though. With big 9 degrees of camber, the wheels still disappear under the guards. This is mounted on the Tamiya TA-06 Tsunami spec CS 1.8. It's really handling well. But today I ran into a few small niggles with the rear rigid axle. I also tried a few settings on the TAO controller.

It still needs more grunt. I didn't have time to get the gearing sorted.

But... This is the monster! I love the DRB. It's really got a feel to it that the Tamiya doesn't. It's a little bit "wild".

The walls took their toll on my splitter today. A few high speed impacts leaving it a bit worse for wear.

Thanks to the guys out today. Tandem drifting was awesome. Some of those 6 car drift trains were a bit tense though. It's always strange though seeing the AE86 towering over a JZX Chaser. Sometimes scale isn't so.

Headlights in the side window... Driver?

Some of these guys have cool chassis. TRF 417 and Older Drift conversions.

I've been debating this Yokomo BN Sports FC body so it was good to see one in the flesh. I think the Speed Way Pal version is just that little bit cooler. The rear lights in this on were certainly ON!

Thanks to all today.

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