Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RWB G-Force in Max One

 RWB G-force #9 in Max One.

This area is a great place for imagery. Night time attack at Max One suits the RWB perfectly.

The chassis is a Drift Package CS 1.5 that is still being fine tuned with an old school 19T brushed motor for power.

Finally able to handover the shell to it's owner.

There's a bit of detail in here. I opted not to try to highlight the body seems for now.

I love this shot with the light shining through the windscreen decal.

BBS installed for photo-shoots.

A trimmed set of body posts wouldn't go astray, but all in time.

I think you'll agree it's pretty cool!

The wing will be lowered a little in the future too but for now enjoy the G-force.

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