Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tsunami Testing in Max One

Last night was a good night. I had Max one to myself (and staff Teru-san). It was great to play with settings and try some new things.

Of course the first thing you notice on the DRB are these +12 RS Watanabe from Speed Works. OMG! How freaking awesome do they look! ?

Do you need another look? I had to trim the body slightly for them to "kind of" fit, but there was no problem.     Got stance!

What RWB wouldn't be without it! The FD Porsche has been taking a beating recently, so you can see the mesh in behind the vents. I don't know why my Kazama 10 light flashing kit doesn't flash, but at least I get headlights.

These wheels even make the bare chassis look good.

Just when I thought I was done with the DRB, I had some other changes in mind. More to come...

Anyway, I started playing with the TA-06 also.

But it wasn't long before I swapped the +12 over here too. I'm using a smaller -2 spacer on the front so effectively +10 up front with the small plastic spacer. The tyres touch a little on the front arch but it doesn't effect anything.

This simply looks awesome! Also, I wonder why RS Watanabe doesn't make 19" rims. I'm sure they'd sell a boat load.

The Tamiya TA-06 chassis also got a picture with these. I swapped the servo around to the outside and removed the weak mounting plate. I'm also using the highest point on the servo saver. I could have used the servo up side down also, but this is purely for aesthetics Sanwa SRG-BL is easy to read.

I've since added Overdose Tamiya spring seats for these R296 Ultrasoft springs and I'm using Kazama Soft in the rear. but basically. The Tamiya TA-06 is so easy to drive, you can change settings for hours and notice no difference. Really the stock springs were feeling the same, even if the chassis was stiffer.

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