Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chassis Contemplation

I've been using the Yokomo DRB and Tamiya TA-06 for direct comparison while I get settings complete on the TA-06.

The DRB still has a real punch to it at the moment. Gearing is set for acceleration, which means it can pretty much break traction anytime.

It struggles for traction which means throttle application must be controlled. I feel I have to "Drive" this car more and I like that.

This is currently performing very well.

The Tamiya is much more sedate by comparison "at the moment" simply because of gearing.

It winds up rather than whips. Both run 7.5T brushless, although this is set for top end and I usually find entry speeds are higher requiring a larger slide into corners. Which is a different skill I am enjoying picking up right now.

All this is well and good. But my goal is not competition right now. I just want to be matching the guys I run with, because for me side by side tandem without the pressure is simply fun.

An afternoon of side by side drift, or sandwiched in between similar cars is simply fun. This is something Japan has a real appreciation for without pressure.

ii kanji! This is a good feeling.

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