Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MA X X One Seven

 Here is an awesome shot of the my ABC Hobby 190 FD3s "Taikyu 7"

And there is no denying that the Celica XX is simply off the rack! Was a good outing.

It was an interesting evening. This body took a little adjustment to get working well on the DRB. It didn't start out with these rims, but I like these white rims as they have great contrast.

I didn't have time to install a light set into this one for max one and the black rims simply didn't provide good visibility.

The result was a few runs a bit too close to the wall.

Although damage is realistic, unfortunately it's not desirable. I had a spare set of stays luckily.

I did try and run the car without a wing but I don't like wingless FD. The narrow rear just doesn't match.

Anyway, After I was finished with the DRB and it's new LiPo setup, I turned my attention to the TA-06 and the Celica XX which always gets the same reaction. COOL! Only today it looked on another level. I had silver rims also but the gold simply accentuate the car's other colours. Especially well with the purple green sections.

Everyone at Max One had their TA-06 out today. but some handle very differently to others. Mine, I will say is very good, but I feel it has a little too much over-steer and needs more weight up front. It changes direction a little too fast right now with the NiMh and the rear motor and as so, needs adjustment.

I'm so glad I got the driver inside also. It just looks right. I might need to hook up some LED for the rear Star Lights though. That will place the COOL on another Level again. I had to trim the front quite a lot today though as the front posts i had unfortunately cut one hole too short, but actually it looks better, but it scrapes from time to time.



  1. I just have to have this body!! Pleeeeease help me find one :) You wouldn't even believe how much time I 've spent just looking at all your pics and video. I'm from Montreal Canada. I own a full scale real red and black 1985 Celica Supra in excellent condition. I won't ever stop trying to get my hands on one. Could be a clear body , a used already painted, I don't care, I just have to get one! YOUR CELICA ROCKS !!!! email: alaina@lcmedia.ca

  2. Hello. I do really wanna have a celica supra . I been looking for it. I have my C.Supra 85 i love it . So plz . Hit me up is u find one . Let me knw i got the cash for it . Any color is fine . 562-704.9630 ivan . Thankz .

  3. Im i love with this 85 find one for me plz . Im still looking tell me how much plz

  4. they are made by "Surging"


    You can order from any Japanese hobby store.
    I recommend Super Rajicon.


    商品名:SA60 3Drクーペ ウインドウマスキング付




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