Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Max One Battle Zone

Today, I went to Max One for what was meant to be a short time, but I end up staying 4 hours quite often recently. The guys are cool to run with.

I did a LOT of side by side today. 5 full batteries of close battle action with the TA-06 and DRB. My opponents were Drift package & TA-06 mainly of various spec. A lot of fun!  13bt blog TANOSHIII!

The TA-06 with Double X really is cool! It's very easy to drive and a great battle machine.

I love these Watanabe in Gold.

Tekki-san's TA-06 was purchased with the Ferrari 599XX body, Maybe I should have done the same, because it's COOL!

Celica XX vs Ferrari XX Battle.

If you've never seen a Ferrari Drift on Work Emotion CR-KAI, This is about as close as you'll get.

Needs to go to the car wash though.

Later I switched to the DRB and new Speed Way Pal drift Master Rims.

I like the bronze contrast on this body.

Forgive the lack of pictures, but the three way yokomo DRB vs Dori Package drift battles were good today.

As I was almost ready to leave. The CARBON MASTER came into max one. D-HELL!

How cool does this Subaru STI look on the street.

But the M Chassis based Roadster is amazing. Carbon wrap is used on the bonnet and the rear trunk and spoiler. Great contrast although there isn't much contrast at all. Light and Texture. I love it.

Interior on this one is special. The dash lights are illuminated in orange and the driver has a chrome helmet for awesome effect.

I gave it a little photo-shoot. I'm a big NB fan, so this looks awesome.

Detail is great. bonnet catches are a new product on offer from Wrap up. (website).

he also had another subaru in white with black highlights.

White or black. Carbon effect impact can't be ignored. Monster tuning stickers are a great highlight.

Lighting is the key.

I took this shot through the fence at MAX ONE. could be a desktop. D-HELL Dorizaru!

DESKTOPS are here STI FerrariS15

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