Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RE-Xtreme Tsunami @ Max One

 I also took the Tsunami Spec cars to Max One tonight.

I tried out the new livery in concept form, which looks very nice, but the sticker method I chose was experimental and didn't allow for a quality end result.

As you can see the body is only half applied however it still has me excited about a real application.

I also installed a static 8 LED set from Hobby Pro which does the job at Max One. You need Lights.

I left one side of the original livery. Expect to see this in the UK on an FD in the near future.

The slashes kind of complement each other, but this shell will return to it's plain white base very soon.

The main reason for using this machine (TA-06) was testing a new belt tensioner of my design for the 1.8 CS setup. It's basically a RC Square alloy servo mount used to hold a bearing set. Works very effectively. No slip what so ever.

I struggled with suspension setting all night, but then I remembered I had adjusted the drive rate lower. Once I increased the steering rate it was fantastic. Now I only need a bigger spur and smaller pinion for more punch. The new battery compartment clips are also fantastic!

I'm not a fan of the new anti-clockwise direction at Max-One though. you see the rear of the cars a lot.
I like the clock wise direction where the front of the car is visible more often. It makes visibility of steering very difficult.

My friend Allen, took some pics for me. First time with my camera just playing around.

Tsunami-Spec DRB in action with the RE-Xtreme Yokomo RE-Amemiya FD3s "Takumi" Rx7 . I've added the rear diffuser since last time and it looks more complete.

I only took one lens with a very narrow focal length in this light, so it's a bit tricky to get that single shot.

Especially when they are coming straight towards the camera.

I like these blurred motion shots though. All about colour!

And basic shapes.

It's all good. I really am enjoying this body. I like the design I did for it.

This final shot is Awesome! I love that only the front tyre is within focal length. Impressionistic Art. The full size image is awesome.

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