Monday, February 27, 2012

Keyence TAO to Tachyon ESC Setting

I love my Keyence ESC. It gives fantastic control and it NEVER EVER gets hot.

Because it's a Japanese Market Product the usage is straight forward, simply connect to the ESC and update.

But there's one thing that catches many every-time. Data Link .... FAIL! The English User manual for changing to Setting Mode on the Tachyon ESC is a little vague.

Turn it on,  Press the ESC Button for 4 seconds until the lights change on the ESC. This will switch between RUN Mode and SETTING mode. While in SETTING mode the car will not run and you can change settings on the ESC itself with the buttons but TAO is much easier.

After Data Link updating is complete on the ESC, simply turn off the Tachyon ESC. Settings should be saved.

If you turn it on again and the car does not respond. You are probably still in SETTING mode so hold the button for 4 seconds to swap back to RUN mode.

Lets look at the TAO itself.

Set mode can be done anytime and does not need to be connected to the ESC. I'm only doing it here, because I didn't charge the TAO, it's running from the rc battery.

 Simply adjust what you need and press save.

When you are ready, connect it all to the ESC with the receiver plug. Make sure you are in SETTING mode.

Then start the Data Link.

Select which one you want to use. There are 3 user settings you can adjust.

Press enter to send it to the Tachyon ESC. (note ESC is not in SETTING mode in this picture. ESC lights are different.)

So you will get the Link fail. (only for demonstration)

Change the mode to SETTING mode.

This is the desired result.

You can also Preview what settings you have on the ESC before you data link update or Review them after you data link update.

You can also press SAVE directly from Preview mode to adjust settings directly on the ESC.

Must be in SETTING mode only. It will perform a reverse Data Link also.

Happy Updating.



  1. I press the save button is always selected SEC

  2. i also got complete, so i go on preview and i press.(turn of tao) but the rx from esc into my reciver and so it does not work. why?

  3. If you get Complete! That's it. Finished.
    But you can preview after if you want.
    It shows the setting.

    I use NiMh on one of my chassis. I have 2. No issues.

    When you turn on the ESC again. It may be in Setting Mode.
    So you can switch back to Run Mode.

    You just have to make sure it's in the correct mode.

    That's all. I've never had an issue.

  4. i was going to buy a lipo today but the man said the same as you and that i had to check my battery and the charger if it works.

  5. ive tried to switch back to Run Mode again but it wound't run (drive) the esc just blink when i give it gas(run it)

  6. i think i just found out that my charger does not work. im going to buy a new one.

  7. ps...
    I know this is crazy

    Don't forget to re-connect the ESC plug to the receiver.

    I have done that before. hehe

    I set my lipo to 6.6 cutoff on the ESC.

  8. thank you russ!!! this saved you another email from me :)

  9. Recently I just use Preview all the time.

  10. hey RE, my tao wont turn on all of a sudden? it went dead while i was programming my tachyon (not airia), since then it wont turn on. any idea what the problem might be?

    1. My TAO doesn't turn on without ESC power.

      I think the internal battery is flat.


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