Sunday, February 26, 2012

RE-TA-06 Tsunami Spec - Phase 1 Complete

I think I'm 99% ready to sign off on Phase 1.

FOR SALE. 53000Yen!

I'm only asking what it cost me in parts. 
(chassis only!) 
(NO Motor, ESC, Servo or Receiver, Original TA-06 wheels and tyres and original chassis parts supplied.) 

Spec Sheet

Tamiya TA-06 Pro kit Tamiya
Bearings TRF
Turnbuckles TRF
Shock Upgrade TRF
Front Castor Hub Carrier Set 8 deg  OVERDOSE
Steering Upgrade OVERDOSE
Axle Set Front One Way Eagle Racing
Axle Set Rear Rigid Axle Set OVERDOSE
CS Centre Pulley 20T Square
CS Front Pulley 15T Square
CS Rear Pulley 16T Tamiya
CS Pulley Shaft Tamiya
CS Pulley Belt 57T Square
CS Pulley Mount Eagle Racing
CS Pulley Tensioner Square
Shock Rebound Pistons Active Hobby
Shock Long Spring Seats Overdose
Springs 29mm Kazama
Front turnbuckles Team Bomber
Hub retainers Tamiya
Steering Turnbuckle Yokomo
Shock Oil 300 Yokomo
Battery Release Conversion Square
Hex Screw Set Kawada
Rear Shock Tower Tamiya
Steering Turnbuckle Yokomo

Balance is good.

CS Gearing is good.

I've installed a 86T spur for a test this week. I'm ready to sample final gearing for a different track. These ball end screws are just for looks. I got sick of the stupid screws in the "Pro" kit and these were an interesting alternative without spending 2000 yen for a cover.

The TA-06 so called "PRO" kit is far from it. I've replaced a lot of items on this chassis. I had to get some hub clamps which in my opinion should be included.

And the suspension alignment is done with plastic items. These would be the only remaining item I'd like to change. They should be ashamed to call this a "PRO" kit. I modified the rear shock tower with a customised, VDF item installed for body mount preference.

It's for sale as I'm only going to run the DRB from now on. Let me know if you're interested. It's very nice machine.

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