Friday, February 17, 2012

Wheel Update

Recently, I've been finding some bargains. Some stores in Tokyo have been closing. So I picked up some bargains. 2 FC Rx7s are in the build so I needed some more wheels anyway. These will all be put to use.

I picked up these 3 sets for 80% off. All these worked out about $1 each. I've already put these Speed Works Gold RS Watanabe rims to good use.

But I'll try them out on the Supra XX. the extra 2mm might come in handy vs the +10 .

I picked up 2 sets of +12 so I'll have a choice of color. Not 950Yen, Not 498 Yen only 249 yen for 2!

I'm going to run the Supra on the TA-06 soon. I'm getting an idea of how I'm going to split the bodies I have      among two chassis.

So I'll have a few options for different cars. Totally wrong to have 4 stud  RS Wats on an FD but hey, thats the beauty of RC.

The last set I picked up were these old school Speed Way Pal "Slide Master LB" in Matt Bronze (offset +10)

As seen in the top shot, they have a massive flat dish on them. These are already dedicated for an FC project.

But you have to try them out on everything. Anyway, you may wonder what this FD3s is. It's the first drift body I made over 6 years ago. Made by ABC Hobby, it went mostly unused because it's only 190mm, but recently I have a hankering to get it into action.

Next time you see it, it will get a funky light set and I'll run it on the DRB with these En Route Weds. Need more camber!!!

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