Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tsunami Upgrades and Tandem

Tamiya TA-06 was looking good today, Even if there are some issues with this body.

The dirty look is from a failed experimental sticker set that didn't stick. New ones are much better.

These days, I find I'm running faster and the margin for error is lessened. The result was a little damage. It gives me something to do... repair is part of RC. Anyway. I installed a new version of the front tensioner that gives no drama. An 11T pulley is installed to keep things tight up front. The TA-06 is shall we say SOLID.

I've also installed Overdose shock seats for Tamiya shocks that allow use of Yokomo size 15mm springs.
About the only other modification I have on the plan is a rear carbon shock tower to switch to Yokomo body positions. This will allow me to use all my bodies on both chassis.

Unfortunately that item was not in stock today, so I was left with other things to play with.

 BLAM! Introducing.... the RE-Xtreme Mazdaspeed Efini HPI Stage-D 210 LM Spec RX-7.

It was intended for the TA-06, but I've put it on the DRB for now. It looks fantastic.

I threw in a Hobby Pro LED kit. (it doesn't have rear buckets yet)

The Top Line N-Model Wheels are a perfect color match for the fluro green. But I have some Dark metallic rims that look even better dedicated for this.

I tried it with white versions but they didn't work so well.

The body is so wide it could run another 5mm on each side in spacers. (and will eventually) but I had no problems with clearance this way.

I had a very clean run with other guys today, but I had one BIG impact head on, that really did some damage. I guess my DRB could run a bumper after all.

The body has been a shelf queen for about a year, since I stopped running the Drift Package. But today I wanted to try it. I hate having things on display only.

Imotake's  TRF AE86 run's a clean line and he always matches your speed. You can run side by side without drama. Kakko ii drift!

The DRB now runs Yokomo 2800 lipo Small Size battery. I really wanted this one, but out of stock everywhere. It required a change to the battery mount also and I bought the spacer in preparation for the larger battery eventually also. I also have a Kyosho charger for all kinds of batteries.

Lipo is interesting. The car has that initial kick and maintains the power right until the cut-off voltage on the ESC.

The TA-06 still running NiMh felt sluggish by comparison for a few laps after I drove this. But It's all relative. Unless you are going for full on competition, there is no real need for Lipo. The extra wires on the charger alone are enough to put you off.

Anyway. Kuni-san from MAX-ONE was giving us some 3-way hamburger action until my battery died, so I took some cool shots of the boys.

Yep, it's pretty close a lot more often these days.

It's good to run with these guys as they will run with you door to door rather than dominate. I like that relaxed drift with friends.

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  1. Thank you for cool photo!

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  2. Thank you for great tandem battles.




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