Sunday, February 19, 2012

FC Bodies

Ok, time to display the FC Projects.

This is a North Craft FC based around the early RE-Amemiya versions with a single round light in each corner of the front bar. It includes the spoiler and the fenders are a little pumped.

The second is the Yokomo Street Style FC Rx7. Both are 190mm.

Here is a little comparison. Yokomo's edges are much harder and less realistic. It sits a little higher too. But thats ok. It will get an outrageous colour scheme.

The Northcraft car is softer and more compliant to a street look. Rear bumper has some nice sculpting.

I was only going to get one FC, but I found the North craft version for an incredibly cheap price, so why not.

I've got some yokomo buckets for one of them, but I like twin round lights, so these might get throuwn away anyway. time shall tell.


  1. nice, I recently build 2 Yokomo FC3S' too. The street version and the team samurai version. Any idea how to get the northcraft FC outside of japan? This thing looks sexy and it's definately missing in my 1/10 FC collection ;-)

  2. just google

    サバンナRX-7 RE雨宮仕様 NC-601

    there are many shops selling them in Japan. Even

    Or just contact Super Rajicon or RC Champ
    both have international order.

  3. Thanks man, will definately check it out. Can't wait to see your version too ;)


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