Monday, February 20, 2012

Casa de Dos Equis

Surging Celica Supra SA60 XX + Speed Way Pal display interior makes a home. Casa de Dos Equis

Recently, I hate taking pictures without a driver in the car. It just doesn't look realistic. I had this Speed Way Pal interior I use at home on the shelf to display some cars, but I though it would fit in the Supra on the TA-06. And... it does!

I had to chop a few things near the back seat to clear the spur etc, but basically its looking good.

I also changed the TA-06 rear mount to a yokomo-ish position. I found a VDF rear carbon support super cheap the other day, a few holes and a but of shaping later.

Bingo. All my bodies can now be swapped. (to a point.) Yokomo 4mm and Tamiya stupid 5mm posts are the only issue. I'll be changing the Tamiya posts soon.

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