Sunday, July 29, 2012

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB CSG 1.8 - SOLD

Here is an update to the chassis now it's ready for a new home.


looking amazing.

Yokomo DRB SSG Conversion Chassis
Yokomo CS optioned
FCD 1.8x included
7 degree castor carriers and Ackerman  hubs
Rear 0.5 Hub with  0.0 and 1.0 rear setting bars included
Belt stabiliser
Suzuki springs.
88 spur
 set up is perfect!
carpet run only

Yokomo DRB フルスペック ドリフトシャーシ 

DRB用 ハイパードライブユニット (ブルー)
FCD1.8倍用 ソリッドアクスルユニット(ブルー)
リアベルト スタビライザーセット(12T・ブルー)
ワイドタイプ F/R バルクヘッドキャップ(ブルー)
kazama センターバルクヘッドの底上げプレート(1.5㎜)
アルミ製 フロントステアリング ハブキャリア(キャスター7度・ブルー)
アルミ製 ステアリングブロック (アッカーマン7度・ブルー)
アルミ製 リアハブキャリア(トーイン0度・ブルー)
F: D-MAX HSS用 多重巻きロングスプリング (イエロー・2本入り)
R: D-MAX HSS用 多重巻きロングスプリング (ブラック・2本入り)
RC SQUARE 広角ユニバーサル用アクスルシャフト
RC SQUARE アルミボディマウントキャップL
EnRoute Weds SA-55 +9(4本)

I love this one.

just a DRB but the new bridge makes it.

very pretty.

Super bling.

Kazama chassis spaceris in there.

It has served it's purpose

You want? It could be yours!

Yokomo DRB Chassis
Yokomo Hyper Drive Update Bridge
Yokomo CS options
Yokomo One Way
Yokomo FCD 1.8x included
Yokomo 7 degree castor carriers
Yokomo 7 degree Ackerman hubs
Yokomo Rear 0.5 Hub
Yokomo 0.0 rear setting bar fitted
Yokomo 1.0 rear setting bar included
Yokomo 3.5 rear setting bar included
Yokomo Rear Belt stabiliser
Yokomo Suzuki Springs. soft / Super soft
Yokomo Oil 200.
Active slow rebound pistons (not really needed for this oil.)
Kazama chassis spacer
88 spur
Full RC square 44mm universals and 4mm extended axles
Upgraded drive belts. 3.5 and 4mm
RC square alloy body mounts.
some setup tweaks
currently about 11deg front camber and 5 deg rear

Set up is perfect! I used this as a carpet test chassis but it ended up being Awesome.
But it's no longer needed.
Chassis has no scratches underneath. Only slight blemish where the ESC was mounted.

Some extra springs and Wheels En Route +9 Weds SA55

FOR SALE 58,000 Yen + 5000 shipping*
To purchase New approx well over 85000Yen even with discounts. recommended retail over 100000.
(* international purchases may be subject to local import taxes. I'm in Japan)

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