Monday, May 25, 2015

Cowabunga Dudes!

You ready to battle this?

For some time now, Ive been scoping out the GCRC van next to the garage. Cool as it definitely is, It needed that little more ... style-icous funk.

The bodacious officiado at GCRC graciously donated the Ace-high for the totally groovy new project.

April from the GCRC TV station is gonna use this van to capture the action.

We totally carved out 40mm from the centre door for the target short wheelbase drift package... But it didn't get the look I was hoping for. the rear was still way too long. So I took another 30mm out of the rear

now 70mm shorter! and 70% cooler.

I literally wanted a box to get the dimension-istics tubular. 

Remember the RF Concept ( mini drift package ) is still wide. I'm running +12 offset on the short ( 37.5mm dogbone )suspension set.

I've attacked the rear also. Moving the whole rear end forward the way I have cut it, it still maintains the rigidity along the roofline. I've repainted the rear tail-lights and started to add a bit of detail.

We're dumping in some interior panel sections to strengthen before we open up the rear hatch... which will be totally weak. So there's some fabrications to get it all together.

 I'll have the sliding doors on the outside and secure rails above the doors for the dudes to swing from and some sturdy camera mounts.

This is gonna be fun...

3.4CS Mini Turtle Camera Van! Coming... maybe not too soon. but soon.

Big thanks to GCRC.

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