Saturday, May 23, 2015

Drift Package RF-4 + Testing

Yes, It's ready. Drift Package RF + 4WD.

CS 3.4   210mm Wheelbase 200mm Wide and is super cool!

I didn't spend much time on the body... the RF concept body is an interesting thing.

Ot looks quite large, but when it's on track beside another car, It's positively small.

Wa HA Ha... Evil Fun!

Underneath, It's a stock Drift Package with upgrades in the essential places.

Longer Steering wipers, C-Hub Delete knuckles and castor blocks, FCD 2.0 in the rear and SPICE 10-40 underdrive in the front. 

Keyence gear completes the electrics. 

So... Off to GCRC. Even with plastic shocks there is good balance.

My testing lineup for today. RWD Commodore (CS parts stolen from this machine)

Narrow setting DRB 3.0 + Panspeed RX7 with Sound card and the mini pake 

Size difference is evident with this white body.

Normal Street Version Yokomo body shells are pretty narrow. The Gemini + wide Fenders uses the same chassis without setting change. +7 are maximum offset on this machine.

I couldn't part with this machine. 

Only a few on track making for a good test session.

This R3R dialing in nicely.

Stay tuned.... Some big plans for the little chassis.

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