Friday, May 15, 2015

GCRC Friday Fight Night!

Love this shot! High CS Battle Royal!

And RWD Attackers! A fantastic fight!

Initiate or Die!

Front wheel angle is one of the goals.

Proximity to the other car is another.

And Speed. We might think "Ultimate" Speed but this is scale speed that gives the effect. 

So many great laps tonight.

 Everyone is levelling up!

A bit of a scramble here to avoid the wall.

RWD RX7 vs CS 4.0 4WD.


Go Nomuken!

But don't get off line... Chasers will be all over you!

Some great laps and great fun... I laughed a lot!

Incase you haven't seen anything for the last week... there is a GCRC event this weekend.

Classic Ol' School cars on show... The Classic Car Show with Coachwork Contest and Duet Drift battle will be held on Sunday... Get on down.

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