Sunday, May 3, 2015

GCRC Sunday Sessions

Super Slide by! One out style! and...

as always... this 5-way is just one battle that happened during the 5 minutes I was taking pictures.  It never ends.

 Lighting changes around the track. Sometimes dark through the sweeper

A little contrast through Turn 1

Head into the dark for a change of direction

Then follow the sun again trough the high speed switch.

This skyline getting ready for the classic car festival... Just two weeks away.

This MarkII also a qualifier at the modern end of the scale.

 Tomei S13 suits the street / weekend drifter.

I don't think ken&mary envisaged drifting.

 Neither the family man laurel platform.

but somehow the longer wheelbase of the JZX makes it one of the sweetest handling of the entry level Rear Drive drift platforms.

I think the Hilux unbreakable strategy of Toyota serves well too. 

Like wise the Nissan Version of the JZX... ER34 is a common Drift Selection.

But for an affordable, solid machine... the S-Chassis is THE main selection. 

For Australian Motor-Sport enthusiasts, the Holden Commodore is a very very well known machine.  

The 5.0Liter V8 Served well in Touring Car circles at the Hands of Brock, Richards, Perkins and more.

I grew up with these cars ...

... and my older brother's VC Commodore was always sitting in the driveway next to my Gemini. While not green, you get the idea. 

I remember him teaching me how to get the back out on the dirt. 

Something I tried to do a fair bit after that in my own car.

So where-ever you started drifting... you gain influence from everywhere.

So just slide it... no mater what you've got!

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