Tuesday, May 19, 2015

RE-Xtreme Chassis and Body Projects

The Next GCRC Events will be the 'Hachi Rock" RC 86 Festival in June followed up by the July 7's Day for RX-7 and Rotary machines. So I'm getting organised.

With a bunch of events just past and more to come. I have found that  I have some distinctive setups that suit bodies, battles and different surfaces.

Project Specifications

Project 1.

Chassis  Yokomo Custom Drift Package RE-DRB Ninja CS Spec 2.5
              "Battle Spec"
Body     RE-86 Rocket Bunny V1            (Hachi-Rock Festa)
Body     RE-86 Rocket Bunny V2 6666   (Hachi-Rock Festa)

Project 2.

Chassis  Yokomo Overdose Drift Package RE-DRB Typhoon CS Spec 2.5
              "High Speed Setting"
Body     Class of 86 with P!PES Back Fire Unit (Hachi-Rock Festa)
Body     RWB Porsche 993                               (Supercar Session)

Project 3.

Chassis  Yokomo Overdose Drift Package RE-DRB Samurai Spec 3.0
              "Narrow Setting"
Body      Gemini with P!PES.                           (Classic Car Show)
Body      Pan Speed Asamoto FC3s RX7        (Sevens Day)

Project 4.

Chassis  Yokomo Overdose Drift Package RE-DRB Tsunami CS Spec 3.2
               "Onican Setting"
Body      Toyota 2000GT                                   (Classic Car Show)
Body      Samurai FC3s Bumperless.                  (Sevens Day)

Project 5.

Chassis  Drift Package Drift Master RWD
Body     VH Commodore.                                       (Classic Car Show)
Body     Hidari Maru S14.                                       (S-Chassis Festival)
Body     Pan Speed Asamoto FD3s                         (Sevens Day)

Project 6.

Chassis  Drift Package RF Concept CS Spec 3.4

             "Square Setting"
Body     RF Concept
Body     SA22 RX7                                            (Sevens Day)

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