Wednesday, May 13, 2015

GCRC Wednesday Carnage.

I'll lead with this shot! AWESOME!... This weekend's classic car show is going to be awesome!

ABC Savanna RX3 on top, JXR underneath.

Travelling very well!

Familiar ER34 on top...

New Kazama GP-X underneath.

JXR and D-Like... the S15 matches something else red.

 Adding to these two... the JXR boys were setting some nice lines.

Ready for the pounce!

RWB... REAL OF THE WORLD on MST FXX-D  Plastic chassis RWD cars work surprisingly well.

New FD being hounded but the Laurel

Some nice trains...

in the 5 mins I sat out to take shots. I really don't need anymore time to capture amazing action.

All comers on track.

In different groups.

Twin drift pactice...

and group melee

Corner after corner... you'd better be "SWITCHED ON!"

A few shots from Luke on the camera here.

capturing the bunny attacking.

one by one.

and being chased big time!

Big handbrake entries... on full lock... loving my Overdose "Ninja" DRB 

Some serious competition

But everyone loves the battles!

 Laughing ... random screams

Gasps... moans and sounds of anticipation!

Red up!

Battle on at GCRC!

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