Sunday, May 10, 2015

GCRC Classic Preparation

Getting ready for the GCRC Classic car show. I pulled the 2000GT out of the shed and fired it up!

Also tried out the Gemini I'd be running in the Duet Drift  but it still needs a bit of widening.

I'll be running with the Bogans next week..

The Gemini & Torana looking great on track.

But that wasn't the only thing happening.

A whole lot of drift was performed.

This Honda successfully converted to RWD

We imagine an NSX drivetrain.

The boys were putting on a show.

With their pretty machines.

Reflecting Slide by

A hachi in between the bunny men.

Hako and leopard.

On the money.

Next month we will be running a HACHI - ROKU event.

But until then... it's classic cars

Get yours down to GCRC Raceway on the 17th of MAY 2015... 11-4 pm. for a body showoff and twin drift  battle.

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