Thursday, May 14, 2015

GCRC Classic Car Show & Drift Duet

The Gemini is pumped! 2 days to go!

Note the Door Numbers... These will be supplied for the event on Sunday. Adding to the GCRC Classic feel.

Also added a few more logos to match the awesome chrome extension. P!PES number plate. Sunroof decal, front hood and rear trunk decals.

First trim looked pretty good like this... But I actually cut the guards another 3mm higher than this for suspension travel

That means the fenders were definitely required.  Each slightly curved to match the body shape.

Then I added 12mm to the rear track overall and 8mm to the front to fill these puppies.

Yellow, Black and flat clear... the same combo as the body.

Having shoe-gooed the fenders for my drift entry... I'm looking forward to the added width. The Red Overdose DRB was a little tricky to drive with the super narrow chassis.

Bring on the twin drifters!

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