Saturday, May 9, 2015

QLD PowerCruise - All Things Powerful!

 The sheer variety of machinery made this day pretty special.

Wooden tray HX ute... on my short list.

R33 and R32... Short listed...

S13... Yes... Shortlisted .... get the idea...

I think Australia is one of the only places where you might see a toyota corona up against a ute like this.

S14 vs V8 Commodore.

Sorry... distracted.

R32 with a drift flavour. Wide front track and positive rear camber and the tell tale signs.

Ummm. Yes...Drifter.

I liked this guy's crazy hair as much as his rod.

Some machines were very very fast, some were very fast and others just fast.

Good looking R32 with my kind of stance.

 Not a fan of the 4wd stanced drift cars.  for me it's gotta be on the deck!

Clean S14 Zenki model.

Super clean 121 323

With a super clean engine bay...

low riding classics and Viper powered Cobras... 

beauty in imperfection.

A childhood dream machine.

oh my those dreams were strange.

I remember owning stuff like this. Crazy tuned sports cars... what happened to them?

Oh well... noisy distraction time.

Holden Commodore... in a different style.

in some awesome Aussie battles.

Some insanely fast machines in a $500 buy in battle. 

Another mini street race come saw this RB30 GTR taking a small prize over many a comer.

estimate 8-9 second street tune GTR.

So... A refresh of inspiration, motivation, or just a good look at a bunch of cars. Time will tell.

A great day at the Queensland Raceway Powercruise!

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