Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yokomo DP RF-4

Progress on the MiniMiniDoriPake!

Plastic chassis with Major CS upgrades.  This was Front wheel Drive.. now rear bias 4wd... cs3.4:1

Ive installed the short suspension set. Originally designed to allow 12mm offset rims on a chassis designed for 3mm.

I've gone the other way. CVDs are now 37.5mm on a chassis that usually takes 45.5mm

With reduced width down to around 165mm. I'll still need to reposition the front shocks to allow for more angle.

The RX7 will be widened to cater for the width... I'm still not sure it's the right choice, the experiment is going well, but even if it doesn't give the ultimate desired result. It's a $10 chassis plate away from an awesome drift package.

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