Friday, May 29, 2015

GCRC Friday Fighters

Just some of the monsters on track tonight,

Lots of action and some awesome fun! Read on!

This new Subaru build sits atop a very special Vacula. 

But it was well into a battle when I arrived.

Taking on V8 ad 86.

I took a few moments to gather everyone for a shoot before the action took over.

GCRC is a contrast. Subaru WRX on CS Vacula and Toyota 86 on RWD FXX-D

"The postmen" 3 mailboxes bonnet scoops in a row. Subaru fever.  

We formed a great progression to from subaru, through 86/BRZ and 86

Remember 28-6-2015 is the 86 "Hachi Rock" festival for old and new 86 lovers.

Everyone has their 86s on and battling hard already.

They were everywhere.

Coupe, Hatch, Tureno, Levin, etc etc

Battles were hard, but clean!

RWD chasing CS.

 But everyone having fun!

These are some pics from a newcomer to DSLR photography. Using my camera for the first time, he still captured the essence of GCRC battles.

Lead or chase... get it on!

Sometimes you neither lead nor chase, that's lunch time. I usually have a sandwich.

On the door!

Don't rest your laurel, Go Go !

Hulk Hogan Approved!

A great evening... thanks everyone.

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