Sunday, May 17, 2015

GCRC Classic Car Show Part #2 - Coachwork Contest Winners

Winners and more... Some of the awesome selection from the GCRC Classic Car showoff.

This machine took the popular vote.  The impact of the exposed 4 rotor engine bay and interior all adding to the effect.

In the bright sun... The colour is actually less dramatic than the indoor location.

but it's a glamorous machine.

With a Brap Brap Brap!

My own Castrol Toyota TRD 2000GT  taking the second vote.

Leaving the huge camber in the rear helps the stance. 

Street Jam 6 spoke wheels with hinomaru stickers cap off the look.

3rd place getter was this "Kenmeri" Ken & Mary Skyline with harlequin paint.

Loads of small details. 

But it's definitely the paint that is the star on this machine.

Absolute green or totally purple depending on your point of view. The gold complementing very well.

RE-Xtreme detail award went to this Hako.

The time spend detailing this neglected look Skyline has definitely paid off.

Star Shark wheels add to the period correctness.

While to number plate is not really authentic. It's the overall image that looks just right.

From "standing distance' this thing is cool!

The owner of this machine had already removed it from his chassis before photography.

So I rested the GCRC Owner's award winner on it's unique wheel set.

Classic Dayton style wire wheels get the low riding sled looking cool.

Malibu Surfboad not removed for drift.

Those were the trophy winners. The following machines were included as special mention.

A cool car always deserves a feature.

The bellet shape is a little unknown to me, but the style is cool!

Chrome detail work is on point. Rubber surround with chrome insert is very authentic!

But this is probably the first diffuser equipped Bellett.

Pearl features shining in the sun!

Speaking of shining in the sun. This RX3 certainly does that.

The outdoor imagery is awesome.

Relections highlight shape.

But sometimes all you want is that colour!!!

I'll finish with this special Shark nose skyline.

The orange is there for a reason.

To highlight the TIGER within.

Sometimes photography is a chore. But when the subjects are as awesome as these. It's a pleasure.

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