Saturday, May 9, 2015

QLD PowerCruise Drift Inspiration

Skid pan session for the drift boys.

A small collection of JDM putting on a little show.

Picking up a little but of reality is a good thing.

rough Ken Maeda style 86 needs a closer look.

Battle scars are a drifter's pride.

But eventually, parts need replacing altogether.

I just hope nothing electrical needs replacing soon...!!!!

1UZ offering enough power.

Another hachi... this time with USA v8

And prepped from massive front wheel angle.

Bring the smile!

R32's are pretty solid for this kind of thing... but having said that... all experiencing a little/large gremlin or two.

Aussie V8 commodore with v8 supercar race engine.

 more than enough for some smoke. SVG not at the wheel today...

Next post ... Powercruise Aussie Culture!

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