Saturday, May 23, 2015

Street Jam R3R Rear Motor - The best in the world?

It's a bold statement to say something is the best in the world. But this is among them.

The owner of this machine has taken a long long time and put in an extreme amount of effort to create this machine.

With hours upon hours of polishing alone, it takes a dedicated person with OCD to create something this good!

Having de-anodised and polished my own DRB, I can fully appreciate how much time and effort is involved. 

The R3R Rear motor is a very good setup. it opens up the chassis for a lot of variations in setting.

Theres a lot of space for mounting esc and electrics.

Front CS setup is set. Front/Centre super small pulley and a ultra large front drive pulley will get a nice slow front end. Active Hobby ball ends remove most of the play from a Street Jam front end.

Compact R3R Rear Motor Rear End CS setting is still undecided. But result will be around 2.5~3.0 cs.

The owner of this chassis is from a rc race background. He has a DRB also that is one of the smoothest chassis that I have ever driven.  You get to this level with time spent on shaft balancing and perfect tolerance. So you can expect that this machine will be on that level also. 

It's taken a long time to get to this point so I can't give you an ETA of when it due to complete, but when it is, you can be sure of another shoot.

I'll make the call, it will be the best R3R in the world, in both looks and drive-ability.


  1. Wow really much effort to this chassis,you can stare at this thing for hours

  2. WHoa!, sweet feature would love to see more like these in the coming future!

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